Physical Chemistry A2

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About Course

Please make sure you print the attached study pack relevant for each lesson and watch the free video before you purchase the course.

What Will You Learn?

  • This course encompasses a comprehensive understanding of Chemical Energetics, Electrochemistry, Acid Base Equilibrium And Chemical Kinetics.
  • In The first unit, Chemical Energetics, you will learn how to draw Born-Haber Cycles, Concept of Entropy, Solubility and Gibbs Free Energy.
  • The chapter on electrochemistry consists of study on Electrode Potentials, Standard Hydrogen electrode, Feasibility of Redox Reactions, Nernst Equation, Various Cells and Electrolysis.
  • The Acid Base Equilibrium chapter will cover the calculation of pH of strong and week acids and Alkali, Dissociation constants, Ka and Kb, Various Acid Alkali Titration Curves, Indicators, Buffer solutions and solubility constant K sp
  • Under Kinetics Chapter you will study about rate equations, Orders of reactions, Half life, Experimental techniques of measuring the rate and Catalytic activity.

Course Content

5.B Chemical Energetics

  • 01:40:58
  • Lesson 2
  • Lesson 3
  • Lesson 4

6.B Electrochemistry

7.B Acid Base Equilibria

8.B Reaction Kinetics

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