Physical Chemistry AS

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About Course

Please make sure you print the attached study pack relevant for each lesson and watch the free video before you purchase the course.

What Will You Learn?

  • Comprehensive understanding of Physical Chemistry, which includes States of matter, Energetics, Redox Chemistry, Equilibrium & Kinetics.
  • States of matter covers the calculations on ideal gas equation and detail study of properties of the three states.
  • In Energetics you will study energy profiles, various enthalpy definitions, Calculation of enthalpy change using equation and bond energy, also the detail study and applications of Hess's law.
  • Electrochemistry chapter covers Redox equations, Disproportionation reactions and balancing ionic equations.
  • At Chemical Equilibria, you will study how various conditions effects the chemical equilibria, detail study and calculations on equilibrium constants, Kp and Kc.
  • The last chapter kinetics, you will study the factors which effects the rate, collision theory, Experiments to determine the rate and the Maxwell-Boltzman distribution curves.

Course Content

4. States of matter

5. Chemical Energetics

6. Electrochemistry

7. Equilibria

8. Reaction Kinetics

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