Unit 2: Energetics, Group Chemistry, Halogenoalkanes and Alcohols

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About Course

Please make sure you print the attached study pack relevant for each lesson and watch the free video before you purchase the course.

What Will You Learn?

  • This course encompasses a comprehensive discussion of Energetics, Group Chemistry, Halogeno Alkanes and Alcohols.
  • The Chapter on Energetics consist detailed study on Energy Profiles, Various Enthalpy definitions, Calculations of enthalpy change, Experimental procedures, Bond energy and Hess’s Law.
  • The Study on Intermolecular forces will cover the comprehensive study on Vander waal’s forces, Dispersion forces, Hydrogen bonds and concept of Solubility.
  • The topic 8 will be the detail study of Redox Reactions which includes Disproportionation reactions and balancing Ionic Equations in acidic medium. This topic also covers the chemistry and properties of Group 2 and 7 elements.
  • The Introduction to Kinetics and Equilibria unit covers factors which effects the Rates of Reactions, Collision Theory, Various experiments to measure the rate and Maxwell Boltzman distribution curves. The unit on Chemical Equilibrium will be the detail study on factors which effects the equilibrium reactions.
  • The final chapter on Organic Chemistry will cover units on Halogeno Alkanes, Alcohols, I.R Spectoscopy and Mass Spectrometry.

Course Content

Topic 6: Energetics

  • 01:30:52
  • Lesson 2
  • Lesson 3
  • Lesson 4

Topic 7: Intermolecular Forces

Topic 8: Redox Chemistry and Groups 1, 2 and 7 (8.A) REDOX

(8.B) Group 1 & 2

(8.C) Group 7

Topic 9: Introduction to Kinetics and Equilibria (9.A) Kinetics

9.B Chemical Equilibria

Topic 10: Organic Chemistry: Halogenoalkanes, Alcohols and Spectra (10.A) Halogenoalkanes

(10.B) Alcohols

(10.C) Mass Spectrometry & IR Spectroscopy

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